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T: + 90 312 3104550 pbx


Ceket chef
1.  Ceket chef

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Ceket çin
2.  Ceket çin

Chef önlük
3.  Chef önlük

4.  Chef ceket

Önlük yelekli
5.  Önlük yelekli

Yelek kapitone polarlı
6.  Yelek kapitone polarlı

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Tsort garson komi
7.  Tsort garson komi

Mont kolları çıkmalı
8.  Mont kolları çıkmalı

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Apron coffee
9.  Apron coffee

Yelek  garson şal yaka jakarlı
10.  Yelek garson şal yaka jakarlı

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Ceket ahçı tişort yaka
11.  Ceket ahçı tişort yaka

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Bayan kulplu iş gömleği
12.  Bayan kulplu iş gömleği

Yelek  garson şal yaka
13.  Yelek garson şal yaka

Polar Şal
14.  Polar Şal

15.  Tsort garson komi

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work wear turkiye

Akçay  textile clothing industry. Ltd. with a computerized block system, personnel apparel, design, production and sales.In our stock you will find hundreds of products, such as ready-to-make your own custom design clothes, make the logo . Our company serves 4,500 institutions in the country and abroad. We will be happy to work with you as well.